The Lesser of Two Weevils

Every election cycle, there will be someone bemoaning the fact that he voted for a third party candidate, thus syphoning votes for the less detestable of the major party candidates, and allowing the more detestable one to win the election. Unfortunately, this is just the kind of thinking that keeps these two corrupt, rapacious, vile political parties in power. It seems most voters aren’t really voting FOR a candidate – they’re voting AGAINST the other candidate.

Is that really the kind of world we want to live in? One where we think we’re throwing our votes away by voting our conscience? If you believe in the Green Party platform, you should vote for the Green Party candidate. Don’t vote for Obama, just to keep Romney out. If you believe in the Libertarian platform, then you should vote for the Libertarian candidate. Don’t vote Romney just to unseat Obama. That’s absolutely ludicrous.

If more people would nut up and vote for the person who speaks most closely to their needs and wants, and avoid the pitfall of thinking they should just vote to keep another guy from winning, then perhaps there might be enough 3rd party numbers to allow a couple of elections to be thrown to the House for a final decision. Obviously, this isn’t ideal, since the House and Senate are both full of miscreants, but if we quit voting for incumbents in those bodies, that issue goes away, too.

Look, I don’t believe I live in a bubble. I have a lot of friends who don’t like either of the major party candidates. I believe if a poll were conducted among likely voters to find out who they LIKE, rather than who they are LIKELY to vote for, you’d get a very different picture of the campaign. And if all those people would vote for someone else, anyone else, maybe we might finally get real representation from our politicians. Maybe it would open the door to some fresh ideas, and some outsiders and, dare I say it, some truth.

So if you’re going to vote, make it a real vote. Vote your conscience. Don’t throw your vote away – vote for the person you think represents your views best – whether that’s Romney, or Obama, or Stein, or Johnson, or even Stephen Colbert. But don’t cast a vote for the lesser of two weevils. Then we all lose.