Radio Copy

Title: Johnny’s Famous Burgers
Product: Branding Ad
Length: :30
Medium: Radio
Writer: John Goodwyn
Production Note: This is a brand positioning spot. Voiceover should be friendly but authoritative and deliberate.

 MUSIC:      No Music – only SFX

INTRO SFX: :03 Sound of meat grinder, fade into background


It’s 7 A.M and Johnny is busy grinding USDA Prime Sirloin for today’s burgers. At Johnny’s Famous Burgers, we only use Prime Sirloin and we only grind enough to last for one day. We believe quality and freshness matter. If you get to Johnny’s at the end of an especially busy day, you might not get a burger; but once you’ve had one, you’ll understand why that’s just fine.

Johnny’s Famous Burgers – 237 Main Street – On the “T” in Firefly Creek.